Want to experience all the amazing benefits of CBD tinctures? These powerful little liquids are a natural alternative to conventional painkillers and can help you to feel better and more energetic throughout the day .

There’s no denying the popularity of CBD oil these days. With it’s rapid growth in popularity, many have attempted to cash in by selling low-quality tinctures online. This can leave you with a high chance of buying a product of poor quality , or even worse, one that doesn’t work at all. You should arm yourself with the information you need when shopping for CBD oil tinctures .

Before you invest your hard-earned cash into CBD oil tinctures, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into . In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about CBD oil tinctures , including:

  • What Is CBD Oil ?
  • How Does CBD Tincture Work ?
  • How to Choose the Best CBD Tincture
  • What Are the Benefits of CBD Tincture ?
  • What Are the Side Effects of CBD Tincture ?
  • Can You Buy CBD Tincture Over the Counter ?
  • How Much CBD Should You Take ?
  • Is It Legal to Buy CBD Tincture Online ?

What Is CBD Oil ?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. While many people associate cannabis with marijuana, this compound isn’t found in that variety . Instead , it’s found exclusively in hemp.

A common misconception is that because CBD oil comes from hemp, it cannot be used to make clothing or paper . This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many of the largest, most reputable fabric mills in the world use CBD oil extract in their fabrics. This is due to its strong and durable nature. As a natural alternative to synthetic fibers , it’s expected to grow in popularity over the coming years.

The hemp plant contains a vast range of compounds, including cannabinoids . These compounds aid its growth and development by interacting with other compounds. When cannabis is grown outside of its natural setting, the cannabinoids are stripped away. When this happens , it alters its chemical composition, making it less effective as a supplement. This is why it’s important to buy CBD oil from a reputable source.

How Does CBD Tincture Work ?

As you can see from its name , a CBD oil tincture is a liquid that contains CBD. As it’s derived from hemp, it contains no THC. As a result, it cannot be smoked or consumed in the same way as marijuana .

This liquid is taken as a simple drop under the tongue with food . The oral absorption is the most effective way of taking CBD as it bypasses the liver and digestive system. This means it’s able to provide a faster response than other methods.

When taken orally , the CBD oil is absorbed into the bloodstream where it interacts with the body’s natural Endocannabinoid system (ECS). This complex network of chemicals works to regulate many different bodily functions, including mood, pain perception, appetite, and sleep. The ECS is composed of two main cannabinoid receptors known as CB1 and CB2 .

While both receptors are important to the functioning of the ECS , CB1 is the dominant one. It’s responsible for the majority of the effects of cannabis on the body, which is why recreational users usually prefer to consume marijuana products high in THC .

CBD interacts with CB1 in a slightly different way. Instead of binding to the CB1 receptor directly, it activates a particular enzyme known as Cannabinoid Receptor Encompassing Protein (Cnrp1) . This enzyme is similar to the CB1 receptor but isn’t able to bind directly to it. Instead, it translates the signal sent by CB1 into different responses. For example , it can increase levels of GABA in the brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter that acts as a natural painkiller and can reduce both headache and muscle ache.

Next , we’ll look at how to choose the best CBD oil tincture for you .

How to Choose the Best CBD Tincture

Although there are many variables to consider when buying CBD oil tinctures , there are a few things you should consider just to make sure you buy the right product for your needs. Let’s look at each of these factors .

  • Quality: Make sure you buy CBD oil from a reputable source to ensure you’re buying a high-quality product. Look for a manufacturer that uses a solvent-free extraction process which ensures the extract is free from toxins and impurities .
  • Terpenes: One of the benefits of CBD oil tinctures is that they contain a range of terpenes. These are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant which give it its unique aroma and flavour .
  • Dosage: Not all CBD oil tinctures are made equal . Some are stronger than others so it’s important to check the recommended dosage on the label before purchasing.
  • Storage: As with most over-the-counter supplements , you should store your CBD oil in a cool and dry place . Avoid storing your products in direct sunlight as sunlight can degrade the quality of the product.

Lastly , we’ll look at how to choose the best dosage of CBD tincture for your needs .

What Are the Benefits of CBD Tincture ?

Cannabidiol provides numerous benefits for those who suffer from a wide range of health conditions. It’s commonly used for pain relief , anxiety management, and sleeping problems . While there is no miracle cure, CBD oil has been shown to reduce symptoms in a number of conditions without the need for dangerous medications.

Next , we’ll look at some of the most common benefits of using CBD oil tinctures .

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Tincture ?

Although the effects of CBD oil are promising, it’s important to know what to look out for before you purchase and use CBD oil tinctures. The side effects depend on the individual and their body but can include the following.

  • 24-hour drowsiness: Taking too much CBD can result in drowsiness so it’s best to start with the smallest dose possible.
  • Unusual behavior: Some people experience changes in their behavior after taking CBD oil such as lethargy or irritability.
  • Drowsiness/insomnia: As with any supplement, using CBD oil can cause drowsiness which may be uncomfortable for those who suffer from insomnia .
  • Long-term use: Some products may also cause side effects such as loss of appetite and vomiting as they interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system .

Can You Buy CBD Tincture Over the Counter ?

Because hemp is illegal in most countries, it’s not possible to buy CBD oil over-the-counter . This also means you can’t get a prescription for CBD oil either. However , there are a growing number of online retailers where you can buy high-quality CBD oil products legally.

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