Surprise your spouse with a Christmas gift that will make her smile and say, “Oh my!” This holiday season, give your significant other something special. You are sure to have a great time planning the perfect surprise.

1. Find out what he likes

Spending quality time together is important but sometimes you want to get him a little more excited than just dinner and board games. If this is the case, talk to him about his interests and hobbies while you are shopping for gifts. He might tell you things like, “I love camping in the summer,” or, “I always enjoy going to the movies,” or, “I am such an avid reader; I would love for you to buy me a book.” These are all things you can incorporate into your shopping list. Make it personal and fun by picking up some books/newspapers/magazines of his favorites or items he has mentioned as being interesting.

You can also pick up some of the items from his wish list. He may mention that he wants to try out a new restaurant or watch a movie he has been wanting to see. Again, add these items to your gift list.

When you go to put together the gift, include these suggestions in your list so that the gift is tailored to fit both of your interests.

2. Pick something practical

If your partner enjoys sports, then why not get him tickets to the game? Or better yet, put together a baseball glove or a batting tee for him to use when he spends time in the yard. Or perhaps, he enjoys traveling and wants to share one of your favorite trips with you. Maybe he loves hiking and fishing and you can take the family on a weekend trip and rent a cabin near a lake. Whatever his interests are, make sure they are included in the gift you choose. Remember, the gift must be something he really needs, so pick something practical.

3. Do some research?

Look online for ideas of what kind of gift could be used for his interest. It is okay to do a little bit of research before you actually purchase the gift. In fact, doing a little extra work will come in handy if you want to pull off the surprise at the last minute.

For example, if your husband is a huge fan of NASCAR racing, check online for the top places to buy tickets for next year’s race. This way you won’t have to worry about getting him the right thing. You can just show up and hope he finds out the day of the race. You can also find out where the best place to eat after the race is held and order food there. When you arrive home and find out he is watching NASCAR, you can even cook up a few sandwiches and chips and hand them over to him. That way no one will know what you gave him because everyone will assume he ordered it himself.

4. Come up with a plan

After you decide on what you want to get him, sit down and write it all out. Make notes of everything he likes, whether it is a sport or hobby, or anything else he talks about that makes him happy. Then, when you go shopping, keep those things in mind and add them to your list. For instance, you might notice that your wife loves to read mystery novels and that your husband loves to fish, so you can buy her a book on cooking and fishing or a fishing rod and reel for him.

The key here is to make sure the gift fits the occasion. If you are buying him a birthday present, don’t buy him a fishing rod. Similarly, if you are buying him a Valentine’s Day gift, don’t buy him a hunting rifle. Be creative and think outside the box, for this you can also explore for some trendy and popular gift ideas.

5. Choose a theme

Once you have found out what he likes and what you can afford, it is time to start shopping. But first, you need to decide on a theme. What does he like? Does he like sports or reading? Is he interested in cars or gardening? Once you have decided on a theme, find stores that specialize in that type of product and start shopping. You can either look through catalogs or browse the Internet. Some of the best places to shop for gifts include the following:

Online Sites: – Amazon has a wide variety of products ranging from electronics to clothing to toys to kitchen supplies. You can search by category, price range, brand, etc., for the item you are looking for. – Walmart offers thousands of different items from jewelry to apparel to toys. You can search by name, size, color, etc. – Target also offers a large selection of products from clothing to furniture to toys. You can search by name, size, color, etc. – eBay has a large collection of items including electronics, collectibles, tools and other household items. You can search by keyword or category. Also, you can bid with PayPal to buy your items directly from the seller.

Catalog Stores:

Cabela’s – Cabela’s has a large selection of outdoor gear. You can search by category, price, brand, etc. – Lowe’s is another good source for outdoor gear, sporting equipment, and lawn care items. You can search by brand, size, color, etc.

Home Depot – Home Depot carries many different types of products from hardware to lumber to gardeners’ supplies. You can search by category, size, color, brand, etc.

Pier 1 Imports – Pier 1 sells a wide array of home decorating accessories, candles, and plants. You can search by category, size, brand, etc. They also offer shipping services.

Make sure you put together a list of the things he likes and then begin shopping for the proper items. The key is to avoid spending too much money on the wrong gift. Don’t rush into choosing the wrong thing. Take your time and make sure each item will go well with the others already on your list.

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