Every bride should consider at least one pair of ivory wedding shoes to wear to her wedding. There are a lot of colorful quirky brides like me out there who prefer to wear something more bold and funky as foot wear but if

you’re not like me, ivory shoes for wedding is the best way to do it.

Ivory Doesn’t Blend Well With A Very White Dress.

Ivory is still in the white family but it’s more of a dirty white. When you pair it with a gown that’s more stark white than cream, then your shoes will look old and dirty and no bride wants that. The perfect way to go about wearing wedding shoes in ivory is to also have an ivory wedding dress. It makes perfect sense right?

Ivory Shoes Make You Look And Feel Like A Bride.

Since you’re decked in ivory all the way from your veil to your shoes, you will most definitely look and feel like a bride. And since ivory is a dirtier shade of white, there is a certain air of old world charm about it. In the old times, clothes weren’t as white as they were now. Being dressed in ivory will make you feel like you were a royal in the Renaissance period getting married to a handsome prince. Isn’t that what every little girl used to

fantasize about?

The Type Of Material Is Important In Picking Out Ivory Shoes.

Ivory shoes are especially beautiful when they’re made out of satin, lace or even a combination of the two. Ivory satin wedding shoes are a good choice because it’s simple yet still elegant. It’s easy to wear and it will go well with whatever material your gown will be in. You don’t have to be in satin to wear satin on your feet. Ivory lace wedding shoes are also a good choice because they look regal and vintage. Anything vintage inspired is an enormous trend nowadays and it makes anyone look smart and mysterious at the same time. It also gives your wedding outfit that something extra.

Ivory Complements Every Complexion.

Ivory isn’t a hard color to pull off. It’s actually easy. Brides are reluctant to wear ivory on their wedding day and would rather prefer a stark white wedding dress. A very white wedding dress tend to be very harsh sometime especially in severe lighting. Ivory is preferable if you don’t want to risk looking like a giant ball of light every time a camera flashes. It’s also pretty easy to maintain. Since it’s not that white, it’s easier to keep in storage as you don’t have to worry about it getting a bit darker or yellowish. It already has yellow undertones to begin with.

Ivory is a good shade of white to work with. It’s very versatile and many brides look good in it without looking too bridal. I, for one, prefer ivory gowns over the very white shade of wedding dresses. Wearing ivory will still make you look like a bride but much easier to approach because it’s the kind of white that is forgiving and much more relaxed. And wedding shoes, ivory, is just the same.

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