Every bride wants the best for her wedding and if I had unlimited budget I would definitely opt for Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes. Manolo Blahnik is one of the most popular names in designer shoes because of its reputation for quality and the price tag that comes along with it. But more than this, wearing the designer’s brand on your wedding day will indeed boost your confidence and stylish elegance knowing that your feet are settled in perfection and everyone knows why.

It’s In The Name

Brands have become more than just about the products it sells but the attitudes and emotions associated with wearing them. This is true when wearing a Manolo Blahnik shoes. That is why if the price tag is not a major consideration in the wedding planning I would go for shoes that would make me happy and feel like the most beautiful woman in the room on my wedding day. First class celebrities in Hollywood and other industries swear by the effect of wearing the brand’s shoes and there is no other day that I would like to feel extra special than on my wedding day.

Getting Married In Manolos

Manolo Blahnik is a world class designer for shoes and handbags. Notably, he is more popular for his shoes because these have been worn and mentioned on television and movies countless of times that it has become a gauge for success in the fashion retail industry. His shoes even come in varied colors that for the bride, it comes as no problem if she opts for

Manolo Blahnik blue wedding shoes. But such a reputation is only possible because of the exemplary products that the brand produces. Most of all, in this modern age of media, the brand has also made itself available all over the world beyond the United States like Spain, UAE, Ireland and other countries. Brides all over the globe dream of wearing his shoes on their wedding day which is a testament to the greatness of the brand.

Famous Examples

Fashion world’s most famous model Kate Moss walked down the aisle wearing the brand’s shoes. As the world watched the once notorious but well-loved fashion icon finally say I DO, everyone including me was also interested in the details of what she was wearing. Thus no less than a great brand can be worn in such occasions. Most recently, Bella the famous bride in the Twilight movie series also walked down the aisle to an awaiting Edward in a Manolo Blahnik.


I would recommend future brides to check out the brand’s showrooms located in New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, Istanbul and UAE to be able to see the amazing shoes collection. Here one can find the variety of styles and colors from 2 inch heels and more. If the bride opts for blue shoes, there is also a plethora of choices available when it comes to shades of blue, like baby blue, light blue, teal, navy blue, royal blue, turquois and the likes. This can also be done virtually by checking the brand’s website online which has a shopping system for the convenience of the bride to be.

My wedding day deserves the best and if it means splurging on shoes then it is the best excuse to do so. It is the culmination of an old life and the beginning of new one. And so it is a reason to celebrate by wearing perfect shoes in whatever color be it in white or a fancy blue Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes.

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