Are orange wedding shoes a bad idea to wear during the big day? In the modern times, the answer is No. Gone are the days when weddings are supposed to be all white. A lot of women are choosing to express their fashion freedom by selecting extraordinary wedding shoes. Orange is one of them and mind you, there are still a lot of bizarre choices out there that will amaze anyone. Here are some of the ideas that modern women consider while picking out their wedding shoes.

Go With Color Motif

One of the first things that a soon-to-be-wed couple will have to agree on is the motif or the theme of the wedding. The most common is peach, blue, red, gold, or silver. Today, a lot of weddings are going for brighter colors to match the day’s festive aura. Now we can choose green, yellow, orange, or hot pink. If we opt to have the color orange as theme, we can wear burnt orange wedding shoes to match the decorations, the groom’s tie, the bridesmaids’ dresses, or even the whole entourage. The shoes will give out a little pop of color as it peeks just right below the dress.

Have Fun

Some ladies prefer to have a little bit of fun when it comes to wedding shoes. While doing a research on bizarre weddings, I have seen brides wearing fashion forward footwear like neon pink, yellow green, or bright orange shoes for wedding. There are even some who decide to play with a mix match of colors. I have also seen women who are into prints like leopard, zebra, or polka dots. Although others felt the need to be different and prefer to have fun, others chose it for practical reasons. Colored or printed shoes are the ones that we can most likely still wear after the wedding than the traditional white ones.

Complement with Accessories

Accessories play an important role in a bride’s whole look. It can either make the bride appear elegant and beautiful or not. Choosing our wedding shoes may also influence our look just the same. Accessories nowadays also follow the trend of flashing colors. It is best to tone down though because it might over power the beauty of the white dress. A touch of orange in the head piece will do and to complement it with our footwear, we can opt for burnt orange shoes for wedding.

Match Interests

This category is what amazes me the most. When we want to have out of the ordinary weddings, these are the brides that we can obtain our inspirations from. There is nothing better than to be given the chance to express ourselves, right? I am sure a lot of us have one thing that really interests us the most or a thing that we can very much relate to. It may be a hobby, a job, or something that the groom and bride like wearing or doing together. It can help add memories to our big day. Examples of such footwear are firefighter boots, chuck taylors, converse shoes, cowboy boots, and running shoes.

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