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The Amazing Store Cupboard Beauty Queen Goes To Sea

Ahoy there! The Store-Cupboard Beauty Queen is back with more simple cupboard goodies that can make you feel, look and smell great, disaster fixes and other handy tips. This month, how to get firm skin from the inside out, exfoliate for the beach and chill out if you get caught in the sun. Always of course while smelling delicious.

Lots of people talk about collagen loss these days, about how it affects your skin as part of the aging process. And there are product lines out there with heaps of marine collagen and muds, like La Mer, that cost a bomb but DO the job.

But what can a fashionista with a slightly thinner wallet do to get a good collagen boost? Ladies in Singapore get bio yoghurt with collagen added, and taken regularly, it does give your skin a nice glow. In the USA, you can get (not very tasty) tablets, or try this: add seaweed to your diet (and more than the little bit that is around the outside of your maki roll): hijiki and wakame are my favourites for flavour and texture and are great in salads with julienned carrots. You can buy all kinds of seaweed dry from healthfood stores/groceries and all you have to do is soak it; while you are there, you can pick up some agar agar.

If you are vegetarian you might have heard of agar agar. It’s a flavorless substitute for gelatine that is made from seaweed too. So go for a low cal treat and make your favorite flavor of jellied dessert but instead of gelatine use agar agar strips. Try using rose water and almond milk or sweetened lemon tea as for great flavours and fresh breath. Out of the fridge it’s a great antidote to hot weather too.

Sudden plans for a trip to the beach? Get your skin beach ready. Here’s a quick home-made salt scrub for your rough bits. Mix ½ cup flaked sea salt with ¼ cup avocado, jojoba or almond oil to make a paste like texture. If you have some handy you can also add a teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Before you shower just stand in the tub and rub briskly in a circular motion…it works well on cellulite too if done regularly. I like to add a little bit of peppermint oil for a really cooling feeling and a fragrance to die for.

Now for after sun. You should have lathered yourself with sunscreen and be sporting a gentle glow, but if you overdid the rays, try this quick fix to relieve the burn. Put a cup of oatmeal into a cool bathtub and let it sit for about five minutes, stirring the oats through occasionally. Once the water is a bit milky, get in and soothe your skin. While you’re in there have some of your cold agar agar jello and CHILL!

Your Very Own Home Based Business Opportunity Free Store Club

Dear Internet Friend: Have you ever thought about owning your own work-at-home-based business and then had second thoughts when you considered all the headaches that come with it?

You know, like: hiring and firing employees, purchasing thousands of dollars in inventory, renting space, getting a merchant account, paying deposits for utilities, purchasing insurance, getting a business license, hiring a bookkeeper, and on and on and on…

Yes, those are all things that would be required, and a whole lot more, in establishing a traditional business. You might ask: “How do you know so much about starting a business?”

Good question!

It’s because I have a Work-at-home-based-business associate who, over the past thirteen years, has co-owned several multi-million dollar businesses. He has been one of the lucky ones as his businesses have been successful and profitable.

Yet he still had to make a huge commitment in both time and money to get the businesses off the ground. Depending on the business model you choose, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars and 80-hour workweeks just to get the doors open.

But let’s say you were able to do all of this. Congratulations, you now have greater than a 50% chance of having to close your doors in the first two years! OK, you say, but what is my alternative?

Well how about a completely automated, time proven International E-commerce Work at home based Business?

One that you won’t have to purchase any inventory, hire any employees, secure insurance, rent office space, etc. In fact you won’t have to do any of the traditional elements (pitfalls) that come with opening a storefront. But you say, this sounds too good to be true, what is the catch and what is this business all about?

It’s called the Free Store Club (FSC) and it’s headquarters is in Lexington, North Carolina. During the last year, over 2 million people from all over the world have joined FSC? Why? To put it simply, FSC has created a revolutionary new way for ordinary people like you and me from all walks of life to earn extraordinary incomes online!

In fact, FSC is the single largest UPS customer in Lexington!

FSC provides you with both an online internet store and the products to sell. They do all the work, from ordering, stocking and shipping the products to making sure you get the money from the sales taken from your internet site. Still sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? But you haven’t heard the best part…

This work at home based business is FREE!!

That’s right, it’s absolutely free to join and you can do so today and be in business in a matter of minutes. OK, you ask, how does all this work?

The Free Store Club purchases inventory just like you would find at any traditional MALL, and offers these products to it’s members at rock bottom, unbelievable, prices. FSC can do this because of the huge volume they are purchasing with negotiated discounts.

Your ONLY requirement is to tell others about the incredible deals you have and send them to your personal internet site. And we make this VERY simple with our completely automated Exact Method Marketing exclusive turnkey system!! Woops, I guess there is one more thing you have to do — check your FSC back office site daily to see the profit you have made and smile! Start Shopping, Smiling and Making MONEY with ME